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David was born in Alaska, and raised "pretty much everywhere else" according to his own testimony.  Time in Washington's Pacific Northwest and Oregon's High Desert have especially shaped his love for nature and the great outdoors, but his true passion is his art.  "I have been drawing legibly for over thirty years" he says often enough to be a mantra, "at least you could tell it was a cat or a dog when I was three."  Taking up the human form as a teen, he discovered that there were many more forms of art than he could learn in a day, and his lifelong love with the trade began in earnest, as he began to sell pictures, at first to friends, and then on a more professional level.  "Human Form has been something of my tack and trade, since puberty," he grins, "but then that is the story for most teenage boys, and at thirty four, going on fifteen, I am still right there!"  Now having taken up the digital media, he laments with regularity that he is having to learn his trade all over again, upon which he flashes a smile and goes back to drawing once again.  As the primary artist at Parasite, he is also the Art Manager and the final arbiter for the cover and interior art put in the books we produce here.  "Don't worry too much," he jokes with a chuckle.  "I won't get the black hood out unless you refuse to read the book you are painting for."

He also has hopes of producing comics and a number of other projects, though his website David Mackey's Art.  While still under construction, he assures us that he will have it built just as soon as we give him the time to breathe around here.

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